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The Investment Platform aims to provide a simple, cost effective investment solution for investors. Providing access to a vast array of funds and direct holdings all in one location, making investing an easy yet secure experience.

COVID – 19

We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the continuity of our Platform services, whilst protecting our staff. We want to assure you that we remain working and here to help.

We have put in place, along with our business partners, a home working structure that protects our staff whilst ensuring that there are no negative implications for Investors or advisers. This has been in place since 18/3/20 and has been operating smoothly. The Platform infrastructure is robust and we are able to operate with no dilution to service.


It is easier to keep track of your investments with The Investment Platform. There is a seemingly never ending array of financial products and strategies, which can appear confusing at times. This is also complicated by the fact that financial needs and aspirations change over time. The Investment Platform is flexible enough to meet these changes and allows for a clear and concise overview of your investments, ensuring that you are always on track to meet your financial goals.

The Investment Platform aims to make it simpler for you to buy investments. We provide the technology, tools and services to help manage investments in one place – efficiently, securely and online. Once bought, investments can be held on our platform in a range of tax-efficient ways, such as in a Bond, trust or a pension.


We don’t offer advice, we can simply focus on providing an efficient and transparent investment platform but also offering Discretionary Fund Management services if required.


Trusts can play an essential part of an investor’s financial planning and we are pleased to be able to offer a range of both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke trusts provided by a leading trust group.


Investors have access to over 2,000 funds from a worldwide universe. Choose from a vast range of funds & products

About Us

The investment Platform enables you to place different investments, such as Investment Funds or Structured Products from a wide variety of fund managers or banks onto one consolidated platform. The investment Platform simplifies your investment portfolio, making it easier and less time consuming to manage your investments.

The Investment Platform is a trading style of Satori Consultancy (MUR) Ltd. Satori Consultancy (MUR) Ltd is a Mauritian company that is regulated by the Mauritian Financial Services Commission, licence Number C115014855. Further details regarding Satori Consultancy can be found at

The Key Benefits

  • Portfolios can be constructed and managed in one place using an extensive fund range, web based portfolio analysis and construction tools all on The Investment Platform website. 
  • A simplified process resulting in reduced administration and superior service.
  • Access to over 2000 collective investment funds from a range of leading fund managers.
  • A wide range of trust options for investors
  • One application form, one payment, one statement.
  • Ability to invest in QROPS
  • Access to a Discretionary Fund Management service if required
  • Support from experienced staff
  • A cost effective, straight forward and flexible approach to investing.


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